BBL™ Corrective — Raising the Bar on Youthful Skin

March 1, 2024

ShinoBay Derm

It is no secret how aging shows on our skin. We may feel (or be!) years younger than our skin conditions suggest. Sun damage, active lifestyles, age spots, redness — time is rarely kind to the largest organ of our bodies! Fortunately, technology can help us achieve significant skin improvements, and Broadband Light (BBL™) sets new standards in treating skin conditions and providing dermal renewal!

The Power of Light 

Boasting the most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) available, BBL gently and selectively heats the upper layers of skin using broad-spectrum visible and infrared light to stimulate skin cells. The skin cells subsequently regenerate and repair themselves, producing smoother, more even, and vibrant results! The photothermal energy helps take years off non-invasively, often after just one treatment! BBL treats several unwanted skin conditions:

— Pigmented lesions such as dyschromia

— Vascular lesions such as rosacea and cherry angiomas

— Dermal revitalization

— Acne

— Sunspots and UV damage

— Freckles

— Appearance of skin laxity

Fast, Effective, and Immediate

After applying a cold gel and safety goggles, the BBL device delivers light energy to the treatment areas. The procedure time depends on the treatment area, and the provider will communicate the length of time during the consultation. The treatment is gentle and non-invasive, with little to no pain, and improvements are typically visible immediately after the procedure! 

Radiant, Younger-Looking Skin

The light energy delivered by BBL stimulates cells to regenerate, resulting in smoother skin, less noticeable fine lines and pores, fading of age spots, and uneven pigmentation. The provider can personalize treatments to fit individual needs for optimal results! 

BBL Corrective can be the foundation for and used conjunctively with all other BBL treatments.

Forever Young BBL™ 

Forever Young BBL corrects sun damage, wrinkles, and other signs of aging skin. This non-invasive treatment delivers BroadBand Light to the epidermis and dermis, triggering the skin tone, texture, elasticity, and pigmentation to renew with significant improvements!  

Forever Clear BBL™

Eliminate active acne and reduce acne scars with the speed of light! Forever Clear BBL attacks acne bacteria, reduces active inflammatory acne, prevents new breakouts, minimizes the appearance of scars, and makes way for clear, healthy skin.

Smooth, radiant, clear skin is attainable with this non-invasive acne-fighting treatment! 


This treatment improves the appearance of sagging skin quickly and comfortably! SkinTyte uses dermal heating and epidermal cooling to initiate natural healing and produce younger-looking, tighter, smoother skin and a rejuvenated appearance! 

Prepare yourself for the life-changing confidence boost that smoother, healthier skin and a more youthful appearance will give you! Patients are always amazed by their results — it’s your turn to be delighted by what BBL Corrective can do for your skin! 

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