Hi Everyone,

I’m Jeanna Karidas and I exclusively administer all of the Coolsculpting treatments here at Shino Bay. Prior to my employment at Shino Bay, I started my Coolsculpting experience at the office in Naples, FL. about 8 years ago. I was personally trained by how to determine fat versus skin, along with the different types of fat such as fibrous and visceral. This knowledge at the beginning of my training has been invaluable to me.

When I first started Coolsculpting, there was only one applicator that was one shape and size so we were very limited as to what areas we could treat. Over the years, this technology has really advanced and there are now 6+ different applicators that are all different shapes and sizes. The applicators have been redesigned so that they are more comfortable for the patient and the treatment time is shorter.

The results have any greatly improved as a result due to the amount of areas we can now treat. These areas include: Chin, Upper Arms, Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs, Love Handles, Hips, Back Bra Fat, Underarm Fat, Abdomen, Knees and Back Upper Thighs.

Coolsculpting is ideal for someone who is within about 15lbs of their idea weight and have pockets of unwanted fat. CoolSculpting can even out the fat layer so that areas are flatter, smoother and more contoured. I’ve personally treated hundreds of patents over the years and have seen amazing results with this technology, and yes, I’ve had a few treatments myself and am a big fan. ?

The technology is called Cryolypolysis, which basically means fat freezing, this causes fat cells to actually die and not shrink, which means it delivers permanent results – non-surgically. Results are typically seen anywhere from 1-3 mos. (more or less) and you can expect a 20-25% fat layer reduction with each treatment. That means, you can do multiple treatments if a larger fat reduction is needed or desired.

I can’t say enough about Coolsculpting, you honestly have to just try it and see it with your own eyes. You can always start small, with one area for example, then see how you respond and go from there. I must warn you though, you will become addicted. ?

I am considered the “Coolsculpting Queen” here at Shino Bay. LOL.

~Jeanna Karidas – Medical Aesthetician~

Turn Down the Fat by Turning Up the Heat

For most of my life I have been pretty content with my body weight and its fat placement. I have never been overweight and found it very easy to get into shape when I choose to dedicate time to a workout routine. However, as the idiom states, all good things must come to an end – oh boy, it sure did! Before I go into sharing my story with you, let me state that I am not one of those women who ever enjoyed pregnancy. Although I believe pregnancy is a blessing, it was anything but rainbows and butterflies for me. With that said, after pregnancy my body changed dramatically; My post-baby weight was substantially higher than my pre-baby weight and I couldn’t lose a simple five pounds to save my life. Ironically, although I had birthed my children (oh yea, I had twins – bonus!), I still appeared to look pregnant. To say the least, I was no longer content with my body weight and its fat placement.

It was an evening while at Walgreens that I decided to do something about my mid-section bulk. As I was checking out the very regretful lady that was scanning my items asks, “when are you due?”. I was extremely uneasy as my responded awkwardly, “I’m not pregnant”. In fact, I had my twins two years ago! The very next day I went into work determined to try a series of VanquishMe treatments.

Having the knowledge about VanquishMe but lacking the time is what kept me from trying the treatment in the first place. My mindset was clearly different now after being mistaken for a pregnant woman! I decided to start treating myself like I would a real patient. I began consuming 3.0 liters of water a day and implemented a walking plan each morning in order to give this treatment a fair shot. After one treatment a week for four weeks, I can say I am very pleased with my overall reduction results. However, due to my perfectionist nature, I will be undergoing another series of VanquishMe treatments for additional slimming.

VanquishMe is a contactless radio frequency procedure that disrupts fatty cells through selective heating of adipose tissue. This process leads to fatty cell shrinkage and elimination – everything I needed to NOT look pregnant. Although my fat placement problem was due to pregnancy, VanquishMe treatments are designed for anyone who wants to decrease the circumference of their particular problem area – regardless of one’s body mass index. It’s ideal for any age and any size. Therefore, if you too have an area that you would like to debulk, I urge you to turn down the fat by turning up the heat.

~Melinda Leyva – Medical Aesthetician~

Laser Facial Combination Therapy | HydraBrilliant

A HydraBrilliant is a combination of the Hydrafacial and a Clear and Brilliant laser. The HydraFacial is responsible for deep cleaning the skin, providing a liquid microdermabrasion. The clear and Brilliant laser resurfaces the skin while also minimizing the pore size. All ages and all skin types can benefit from either of these treatments, the best results can be seen when both of the treatments are combined and performed by a Licensed Medical Aesthetician.

~Ashleigh King – Skincare Specialist