The CoolSculpting® Myths That Need Busting

March 20, 2022

CoolSculpting has been around long enough now for people to understand the concept. It is a leading, revolutionary procedure that is non-surgical and freezes away unwanted fat. Yet, even though millions of CoolSculpting treatments have positively changed how people view themselves, there are still misconceptions that need addressing. This article debunks some common myths.

It sounds like a tall order: melt away unwanted fat without breaking into a sweat. It almost sounds too good to be true, and to an extent, it is. The benefits of CoolSculpting® and the results it achieves are proven (just look at the Before and Afters here), accurate information about the real benefits can get a little muddy. So, we’re going to clear up the main myths circulating about CoolSculpting® and give you a better understanding of its true results and how it can work for you.

Myth #1 – CoolSculpting® can replace a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Although this will initially sound like bad news (it’s not, we promise!), CoolSculpting® isn’t a fast track, nor a solution, to weight loss.1 Rather, it’s a non-invasive contouring system that reduces small sections of fat by freezing fat cells.  The treatment works to reshape your body by targeting specific areas of unwanted fat and contouring these areasIt is still important for health and weight loss to follow a balanced, nutrient-rich diet and enjoy daily movement to keep yourself fit and in a healthy weight range. Although CoolSculpting® can assist in reshaping your body as you lose weight, it will not supplement a weight loss programme.

Myth #2 – CoolSculpting® is a temporary quick fix

CoolSculpting® results can be long lasting, as the fat cells are eliminated.  However, fat reduction only occurs in the treatment area and untreated areas will have no change in fat cell distribution.10

Myth #3 – CoolSculpting® can only be used for excess tummy fat

Although the tummy is a common area for CoolSculpting® clients, it’s definitely not the only

area that can be targeted. There are many parts of your body where excess fat cells can be eliminated.  From stubborn love handles, to thighs, upper arms and even the chin area, they can all be treated with CoolSculpting® 

Myth #4 – CoolSculpting® is painful3

As the name suggests, the procedure can be a little chilly, but it is controlled. There is an initial feeling of intense cold (similar to the feeling of putting a frozen ice pack on bare skin), but this usually subsides within 5-10 minutes as the area numbs. The first few minutes of the suction process can cause a mild pinching feeling until the numbness sets in.

Myth #5 – CoolSculpting® is just for women

Definitely not. In fact, it can be especially great for areas that are notoriously difficult for men to target with just exercise. The ability to get right back into life post- CoolSculpting® session1,15 is a big draw card for men. If you have unwanted fat cells collecting in stubborn areas, no matter what your gender, it’s a treatment with proven results.

CoolSculpting has paved the way for similar procedures like Emsculpt, Cellfina, Celluli-Sculpt, EON, and other effective body contouring systems that help people enhance their shape and lose stubborn fat or feel comfortable in their clothes again. 

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