Permanent Makeup Artist | Laser Hair Specialist

Hi Everyone,

My name is Rachel Richter. I am a licensed aesthetician, licensed electrologist/laser hair removal specialist, licensed advanced permanent makeup artist, and more recently the Emsculpt specialist here at Shino Bay. I have been practicing for 13 years, and have been working for Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera for 8 of those years. I still enjoy the technical aspect of each area, the artistic freedom, and the beautiful results that my patients experience. I feel proud of the services that I provide, knowing that when my patients leave me, they are in a better condition physically and even emotionally than when they arrived. It is my “psychology from the outside – in”.

This profession is perceived by some to be one of sheer vanity, which is partially true, however in my experience, patients do look more beautiful on the outside, but they also feel more confident on the inside. It affects their daily experience and often can change their lives for the better. In one example, after a series of hair removal sessions, my patient with previous pigmentation on her legs from shaving three times a day, came into my room twirling around in a dress that she hadn’t worn in ten years.

Another patient now sits in the front row of her meetings instead of the back after I removed significant hair growth from her face. She has also lost 30 pounds! I recently tattooed a woman’s scalp who has been camouflaging it for years with a dark powder to cover areas where hair no longer grows, as a result of a traumatic event in her life

My mission is for my patients to look in the mirror with a bit more self love, help minimize their daily aesthetic maintenance, and eliminate or at least significantly lessen the self-consciousness that they once felt.

~Rachel Richter – Permanent Makeup & Laser Hair Removal Specialist~